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CT-1000, CT-2000

CatPure™ double stranded RNA (dsRNA) 700

CatPure™ double stranded RNA (dsRNA) 700

CatPure™ dsRNA 700bp, 200 ug, standard or modified UTP

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700 bp


0.2 mg/mL


MilliQ water

Storage Conditions

-65 C to -80 C


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Product description

Double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) is a unique form of RNA. Short dsRNA is not only a biomarker of viral infection but also a key molecule for RNA interference (RNAi)-mediated gene silencing at the mRNA level. Long dsRNA is a typical byproduct during mRNA IVT production. Because of its immunogenicity, dsRNA concentration has been listed as critical quality attribute for mRNA therapeutics and vaccines. Here we present 700 bp and 1800 bp high purity dsRNA with or without modified NTP as reference standard for dsRNA related research.

Long double stranded RNA with or without modification serve as standards for dsRNA ELISA assay

ELISA assay for dsRNA

Difference length or modification of dsRNA might affect the response curve for ELISA assay.