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CatPure™ mCherry mRNA Cy5 Labeled

CatPure™ mCherry mRNA Cy5 Labeled

CatPure™ mCherry mRNA Cy5 labeled (N1-Me-Pseudo UTP)

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979 nt


1 mg/mL


MilliQ water

Storage Conditions

below 60 C


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Product description

CatPureTM Cy5 mCherry mRNA (N1-Me-Pseudo UTP) emits bright, far-red fluorescence upon excitation at 651nm, and is also capable of expressing red fluorescent protein (mCherry) within cells, organoid, or in vivo. Cy5 fluorescence tracks the location of mRNA while fluorescence from mCherry protein demonstrates successful translation. It can be used for screening lipid nanoparticle formulations or other delivery systems.

cy5 mCherry mRNA in vivo expression with two different LNP formulation

Cy5 mCherry mRNA in vivo expression

Cy5-mCherry mRNA expression in mice through I.V. injection of LNP formulation: Cy5 signal indicates the localization of mRNA molecule and mCherry signal shows the protein expression results at 48h post injection. Two LNP formulations have shown different organ target effect.