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CatPure™ hEPO mRNA

CatPure™ hEPO mRNA

CatPure™ Human Erythropoietin mRNA (N1-Me-Pseudo UTP)

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847 nt


2 mg/mL


MilliQ water

Storage Conditions

-65 C to -80 C


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Product description

hEPO mRNA (N1-Me-Pseudo UTP) encodes human erythropoietin (hEPO), a hormone that controls red blood cell production or erythropoiesis. hEPO also plays a role in wound healing and the response of the brain to nerve injury. In addition to significantly promoting
hematopoiesis, hEPO also has effects on angiogenesis, brain protection, kidney protection, heart protection, immune regulation, and the protection of the digestive and reproductive systems. This product is an in vitro transcribed hEPO mRNA that can be transfected into cells and enables efficient expression. It can be used for experimental studies and validation of the regulatory functions of hEPO in various biological processes.

High capping efficiency

mRNA 5’ capping efficiency analysis by LC/MS

mRNA Cell-free Translation

mRNA cell-free translation results by SDS-page

mRNA expression in HeLa Cell

EPO mRNA expression in HeLa cell detected by ELISA at 24h after transfection; dilution fold:10000