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CatPure™ mCherry mRNA

CatPure™ mCherry mRNA

CatPure™ mCherry mRNA (N1-Me-Pseudo UTP)

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979 nt


2 mg/mL


MilliQ water

Storage Conditions

-65 C to -80 C


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Product description

mCherry mRNA (N1-Me-Pseudo UTP) is an mRNA molecule that allows for the expression of the red fluorescent protein mCherry when transfected into cells. mCherry is derived from the red fluorescent protein DsRed, which was originally isolated from the sea anemone Discosoma. It is a monomeric fluorophore with a maximum absorption wavelength at 587 nm and a maximum emission wavelength at 610 nm. mCherry exhibits excellent photostability and is widely used for molecular labeling and cellular component localization in biological research. This product can serve as a positive control for mRNA transfection, and further be used for screening and validation of delivery formulations or expression systems.

High Integrity

mRNA purity analysis by capillary electrophoresis (CE)

High capping efficiency

mRNA 5’ capping efficiency analysis by LC/MS

mRNA Cell-free Translation

mRNA cell-free translation results by SDS-page

mRNA Expression in Cell

Fluorescence photograph of mCherry expression results in four different cell types at 48 h after cell transfection with CatPureTM mCherry mRNA.

mRNA expression in HeLa Cell

RFU quantitative results of mCherry expression in HeLa cell at 48h after cell transfection

mRNA expression in mice liver

Mouse was administered mCherry mRNA LNP through I. V. injection and liver harvested 6h post injection