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CatPure™ RLuc mRNA

CatPure™ RLuc mRNA

CatPure™ Renilla Luciferase mRNA (N1-Me-Pseudo UTP)

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2 mg/mL


MilliQ water

Storage Conditions

-65 C to -80 C


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Product description

RLuc mRNA (N1-Me-Pseudo UTP) is a Renilla Luciferase encoded mRNA sequence, which can
express the bioluminescent protein in cells after transfection. The protein was originally
extracted from sea pansy (Renilla reniformis). Renilla luciferase can catalyze the oxidation of
substrate coelenterazine, resulting in blue light emission at a wavelength of 480nm, and the
light intensity is directly proportional to the expression level of RLuc. This product can serve
as a positive control for mRNA transfection, and further be used for screening and validation
of delivery formulations or expression systems.

High Integrity

mRNA purity analysis by capillary electrophoresis (CE)

mRNA Cell-free Translation

mRNA cell-free translation results by SDS-page

mRNA expression in HeLa Cell

RFU quantitative results of renilla luciferase expression in HeLa cell at 48h after cell transfection